Living Energies

The energies that transit through selfic objects adjust to the energy field of the people who wear or use them, or to those of the environment in which they are placed.

Selfica, departing from a two or three-dimensional physical object—copper bracelets, larger installations, paintings of different sizes—makes it possible for that object to host a purely energetic intelligence that exchanges information with the person who owns it. In this sense, Selfic items can be considered living objects that exchange energy with their owners—energy directed toward the wellbeing, equilibrium and regeneration of the person.

During a series of experiments conducted at Damanhur in the 1970s, at the beginning of the research on Selfica, a Kirlian camera was used. In this way it was possible to capture this image of the vital aura of two simple selfic bracelets.

Selfic bracelets that are used frequently often change their shape, and all more or less in the same way on the same person.  This is because they adjust to the wearer’s aura, to the shape of their energy field.

Similarly, the “Joy Selfica” — whose purpose it to spread the frequencies of sunlight in an environment — often stretches and turns towards the sun, just like a plant that grows towards the light.