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Selfica is a unique spiritual technology.

Selfica structures, made of metals and alchemical substances, convey a specific range of forces in the universe. They activate intelligent fields that foster personal and collective evolution, healing and love. The goal of Selfic forces is to help human beings get closer and closer to their spiritual dimension.

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We manifest through consciousness, but consciousness needs energy to make a difference.
Selfica helps us enter a new field of consciousness and gives us the energy to change and transform ourselves and the world.

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Do you want to experience the consciousness expanding energies of Selfica at home? Do you want to organize an event at your place?
Do you want to come to Damanhur for a life-changing experience?
Choose your experience.

Consciousness Boosters

Online, channeled energy connections with the Selfic field to explore your future timeline, the consciousness of nature and the cosmos, the presence of your divine spark...

In Depth Explorations

Bespoke meditations, healings, explorations or selfica-empowered ceremonies for you or your group. On-line and anywhere in the world. 
Explorations and Ceremonies 
of Selfica empowerment 
for you or your group. 
Online and in the world.


PRANA-SELFICA: Healing for Body and Soul. Selfica connects to highly specialized and beneficial energy frequencies of the cosmos, concentrates life force and connects to Synchronicity, selecting the timelines more favorable for the healing process. Even at a distance.

Selfica Wellness treatments,
body rebalancing and prevention

selfica experience

Turning dreams into reality:
Selfica Experience in Damanhur during
Time Ritual UP Game Air Day UPgrade

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  • Creativity Kit 1 || 15% off
     5 out of 5

    This is my first foray into the unorthodox selfica world. Spiritual technology seemed like a paradoxical phrase when I first read it in reference to the selfica. The part of this set that I have used most extensively is the multifunctional bracelet 2 (the one with the rounded glass). I find my professional business emails have been more persuasive and focused. I feel as if due to this I am getting easier resolutions to issues during communication with others through the written medium. I am not much of a meditator. My personal experience with the meditation selfica has been pleasant. Like interpreting used Turkish coffee grounds at the bottom of a cup or fluffy clouds in the sky on a nice day, the shadows cast on and in the center crystal morph subtly and through my interpretation and contemplation I'm finding it helpful in understanding my deeply held desires. While there has been no wash of energy or anything dramatic that has happened, I do feel there has been a benefit that is qualitative in nature. I have not yet worn the creativity focused bracelet, but I intend to explore that further. Having this set has allowed me to understand that the selfica are not overtly helping you accomplish anything. They nudge you in the right direction and open you up to what you are already capable of.

  • Pacchetto 1 Creatività || 15% sconto
     5 out of 5

    Sono molto felice di ricevere questo set, mi dà davvero nuove rivelazioni su me stesso e mi aiuta a interagire con il mondo esterno in armonia e amore.

  • Selfica for the vitality of potted plants
     5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    This looks lovely in my potted plant and I’m excited to see how the plant interacts with it

  • BOOK: I make things happen (Now available in English!)
     5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    This book is so fascinating and really dives into the history and technology behind Selfica.

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      BOOK: I make things happen (Now available in English!)

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      Creativity Kit 1 || 15% off

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