Spiritual Technology
for the Awakening


Selfica is an ancient
energy technology

Revived and developed in Damanhur, Selfica utilizing quantum physics principles and holistic disciplines, concentrates the flow of the universe's vital energy for the benefit of humanity.

Selfica acts as a conduit between the tangible and the intangible, the physical and the spiritual realms, providing select individuals with tools for self-enhancement, healing, and connection with higher dimensions of consciousness.

Explore the Devices

Selfic devices are meticulously crafted with intention, entirely by hand, adhering to a precise code of shapes, angles, and proportions.
Crafted from metals, crystals, and alchemical substances, selfic devices undergo individual activation, aligning them with the desired frequencies for optimal resonance.

Experience the Field

Do you want to experience the consciousness expanding energies of Selfica at home? Do you want to organize an event at your place?
Do you want to come to Damanhur for a life-changing experience?
Choose your experience.

Consciousness Boosters

Online, channeled energy connections with the Selfic field to explore your future timeline, the consciousness of nature and the cosmos, the presence of your divine spark...

In Depth Explorations

Bespoke meditations, healings, explorations or selfica-empowered ceremonies for you or your group. On-line and anywhere in the world. 
Explorations and Ceremonies 
of Selfica empowerment 
for you or your group. 
Online and in the world.


PRANA-SELFICA: Healing for Body and Soul. Selfica connects to highly specialized and beneficial energy frequencies of the cosmos, concentrates life force and connects to Synchronicity, selecting the timelines more favorable for the healing process. Even at a distance.

Selfica Wellness treatments,
body rebalancing and prevention

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Prana Selfica at a Distance

Experience the Selfica field for your well-being

Crafted by hand,  
with ritual attention

selfica Experience

Join Esperide in a brief
yet powerful video
as she introduces the transformative concepts of Selfica,
setting the stage for an upcoming
Selfica Experience Event.