• Inner Potential

    Selfic Multifunction Bracelet 2, for the harmony of mind and emotions

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    One of our best-selling Selfic bracelets, this powerful combination of three different Selficas provides an effective support for the harmony of thoughts and for psychological wellbeing.

  • Wearable

    Mind-Heart Ring

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    This selfic ring synchronizes and harmonizes the energy field of the heart with that of the mind, creating a relationship between the rational and emotional aspects of the user, enhancing empathy, intuition and clarity of thought.

  • Books

    BOOK: Spirals of Energy

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    “This book recounts the experiments of many researchers and enthusiasts of the Selfica as well as those of the author, who has personally partecipated in many experiences. It is a journey into a new dimension where time, space, emotions and memory respond to laws which are very different from those we are used to…”

  • Wearable

    Multifunction bracelet 1 for well-being.

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    The multi-function bracelet 1 is one of the favourites, especially for men. It is an ideal choice for those looking for a natural protection from energetic interferences, as well as a general wellbeing booster.

  • Inner Potential

    Bracelet for creative inspiration

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    This is one of the favorite selfic bracelets of people of all ages, around the world. The function of this bracelet is to tune and harmonize the different psychic parts of the wearer, create an energy funnel for their life force so that there is no dispersion and inspiration can freely emerge.

    It creates an energetic containment of the wearer’s life force, so that there are no dispersions and the talents already present are enhanced and strengthened.

    If you wish to focus the effect of your Creativity Bracelet on a specific project — for instance writing a book or composing songs —, or on a specific talent you wish to enhance —” i.e. cooking, dancing, writing, designing, playing … —, we can add a specific microcircuit to your Bracelet.

  • Space

    Joy Selfica

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    It spreads the beneficial effects of the vibration of light and sunshine in any environment, in a radius of about twelve meers around it.

    The base of this Space Selfica is hand-cut out of the same precious glass we use for the windows and the domes of the Temples of Humankind. The color of the base may vary over time.

  • Wearable

    Bracelet for the harmony of relationships

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    This self creates an enhanced energetic field, utilizing copper and brass components, which serves to support harmonious relationships, first of all with oneself and as a consequence also with others.

    This energetic field is enhances our natural self-esteem, self-acceptance and self-appreciation. Equally, it could balance our auric field also helping in encounters and sharing with others.

  • Wearable

    Small Selfic lapel clip /pendant for connection with nature and its energies

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    This cute small lapel clip / pendant helps create a contact with the vital energies of nature that are incredibly beneficial.

  • Space

    Space Balancer

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    Its design and unique construction promotes the harmonious flow of energy within the space, providing a balanced and welcoming atmosphere.

  • Wearable

    Sleep bracelet

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    It makes sleep deeper so that four or five hours of rest are sufficient to feel recharged. It is also very effective in cases of chronic fatigue and overwork.

  • Wearable

    Bracelet for protection from EMR’s

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    It concentrates vital energy throughout the aura of the wearer, and protects against the effects of magnetic fields, static electricity and fields created by computers and mobile phones. It is useful also to relieve tension in case of stress. It is to be worn for at least six hours a day, preferably on the right wrist.

  • Inner Potential

    Meditation sphere

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    This is a complex Selfica that has multiple functions.  It helps reach states of deep mediation and relaxation without effort. It can also be used to help find focus and alternative ideas on issues that require multiple points of view.



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