TOTAL BODY SELFICA: Treatment for Biological Timekeeping


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Biological realignment treatment using the most sophisticated SELFICA devices currently available at Damanhur.
Multiple structures are used in combination with each other while the person is lying on a massage table or standing within an oriented space.

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Life in modern society rarely makes it possible to follow the natural rhythms of nature. Artificial light and flying are two common agents of disruption that have an effect on our endocrine system, affecting the natural time cycles of our body and our organs.

This treatment, available only at Damanhur, harmonizes the biological clocks of the body’s main organs: heart, lungs, liver, kidneys. This realignment is complemented by a boosting of the functioning of each specific organ. As a consequence, the body’s immune system can be strengthen. On many occasions, a preventative effect has been noticed, as well as a positive effect on the persons’s mood.

The session comprises a first assessment (standing), to determine the individual’s optimal state of health attainable. The procedure then continues laying on a massage table, with a very complex selfic structure moving above the whole body. Based on the evaluation, the Selfic structure modulates the type of energy the organism requires in order to re-establish its biological clock.

The effect of the treatment lasts for a year and can be repeated.

DURATION: 30 minutes
CLOTHING: Please do not wear black.


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TOTAL BODY SELFICA: Treatment for Biological Timekeeping