Prana Selfic session at distance


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Pranoselfica is a treatment that strengthens and harmonizes the energetic aura, conveying pure and undifferentiated energy – thus adaptable to the personal frequency of the recipient. The selfic structures, amplifying many times the energetic value of the application compared to a normal pranotherapy session, modulate the vital energy so it is can interact beneficially with all the different systems of the body. The receiver can also direct this energy with the mind to where they feel they need it most.

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PRANOSELFICA: energy to support healing for body and soul.
Guided by your intention, these highly specialized selective frequencies scan your future probability lines to select the most favorable outcome for your healing and evolution.
Remote Pranoselfica is activated on your personal frequencies. You will receive detailed instructions and an outline for preparation.

SELFICA is an ancient spiritual technology, revived and developed at Damanhur.

Selfica connects to highly specialized and beneficial energy frequencies of the cosmos, concentrates life force and connects to Synchronicity, selecting the timelines more favorable for the healing process. Selfica is at the basis of many Damanhurian healing practices, as well as most consciousness expanding methods and practices.

Selfica full body treatments have positive effects on prevention; elimination of the body’s memory trace of the disease, and lasting rejuvenation effects. Prana-selfic sessions support healing of body, mind and spirit.



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Prana Selfic session at distance
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