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    Prana Selfic session at distance

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    Pranoselfica is a treatment that strengthens and harmonizes the energetic aura, conveying pure and undifferentiated energy – thus adaptable to the personal frequency of the recipient. The selfic structures, amplifying many times the energetic value of the application compared to a normal pranotherapy session, modulate the vital energy so it is can interact beneficially with all the different systems of the body. The receiver can also direct this energy with the mind to where they feel they need it most.

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    Prano-Selfica – 6 sessions promotion

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    A special offer to promote well-being.

    Until the equinox (March 21, 2022) you can access a promotion, that you can use within 6 months from the date of purchase:

    6 Pranoself sessions, at distance or in presence at DamanhurCrea, for a special price.

    If you are part of the Vajne Project, enter the coupon code after clicking “add to cart” to access the additional discount.

  • Wellbeing

    TOTAL BODY SELFICA: Treatment for Biological Timekeeping

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    Biological realignment treatment using the most sophisticated SELFICA devices currently available at Damanhur.
    Multiple structures are used in combination with each other while the person is lying on a massage table or standing within an oriented space.

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