INNER COHERENCE CUFF — Fine-Tuning Your Inner Symphony


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The Selfic InnerCoherence Cuff facilitates deep personal exploration and transformation by summoning and stabilizing specific facets of your psyche for focused connections. Its alchemical nature implies refinement of character traits, achieving balance and unlocking your highest potential, while empowering holistic integration and personal development.

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This selfic cuff is designed for profound personal exploration and transformation. You can use it to summon and stabilize a specific aspect of your psyche at a precise moment, enabling a focused connection with that particular facet of yourself. Moreover, this tool’s alchemical nature implies a deep work of refining and purifying your character traits, bringing them into a harmonious balance to reflect your highest potential. With this tool, you can call upon different aspects of yourself when needed, and integrate these aspects more fully into your being, promoting overall growth and self-actualization.

The focalizing function stems out of the understanding that only one facet of the myriad elements composing your psyche accumulates the full experience of a specific ability, and offers a nuanced understanding of how to optimize a performance in various tasks. This idea posits that for activities requiring specialized skills, be it playing the piano, racing a sports car, or engaging in a specific practice, one particular aspect of you—that can be defined as a specific persona— accumulates all the relevant experience and proficiency, and is therefore best suited to excel in that task. The challenge is how to consistently access and harness this optimal facet of ourselves whenever we undertake the task: this selfic cuff, if directed by intention, helps doing just that. By understanding that different parts of our psyche specialize in different tasks and learning how to harmonize these parts, we can potentially unlock new levels of skill, efficiency, and fulfilment in our activities.

The harmonizing function ensures that that specific facet of yours is supported and balanced by the rest of the psyche. So, it doesn’t merely isolate or amplify the specific persona best suited to the task at hand, but it also aligns your inner voices, creating a coherent internal environment where the chosen aspect can lead without discord or resistance from the others.

InnerCoherence will become uniquely attuned to your energy field of, and should not be shared to maintain its efficacy and personalized connection.

This selfic cuff will attune uniquely to your energy field, and should not be shared to maintain its efficacy and personalized connection. It may even change in shape to perfectly match your distinctive energetic signature.

Please, keep it away from water!

Selfica’s copper bracelets and wearables feature a specific coating that leaves only a tiny portion of the copper exposed. This selective design maintains the beneficial connection with the body while safeguarding against any potential negative effects of prolonged exposure to copper.

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INNER COHERENCE CUFF — Fine-Tuning Your Inner Symphony