• Inner Potential

    Selfic Multifunction Bracelet 2, for the harmony of mind and emotions

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    One of our best-selling Selfic bracelets, this powerful combination of three different Selficas provides an effective support for the harmony of thoughts and for psychological wellbeing.

  • Wearable

    Bracelet for the harmony of relationships

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    This self creates an enhanced energetic field, utilizing copper and brass components, which serves to support harmonious relationships, first of all with oneself and as a consequence also with others.

    This energetic field is enhances our natural self-esteem, self-acceptance and self-appreciation. Equally, it could balance our auric field also helping in encounters and sharing with others.

  • Inner Potential

    Dream Selfica

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    This complex and highly specialized Selfica selects useful dreams for the dreamer, and facilitates their understanding. It supports the body’s self healing abilities during sleep.

    It is also a great tool for researchers that want to diminish the distance between the waking and the sleeping states: it helps make dreaming more lucid, and to explore the dreaming dimension as a conscious extension of reality.

  • Body

    Selfic massager for the relief of muscular pain

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    Massage with this selfic instrument alleviates muscular pain of all kinds, tension in the neck, the shoulders and other parts of the body. It is a useful support in the treatment of sciatica, osteoarthritis, arthritis, tendonitis, etc. The aching area is to be massaged gently with the glass sphere, in a counterclockwise motion, for three minutes.

    For use of this Selfic massager with an unlimited number of people, an extra selfic circuitry in alchemical ink must be added.

    If this is what you are looking for, buy the “UNLIMITED USE” option below.

  • Wearable

    Bracelet to counteract shyness

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    This bracelet helps in effective communication and sharing our inner world with ease, counteracting the effects of shyness and inspiring self-confidence in the wearer.

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