Selfic clip for EMFr protection


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Applied as a clip to one side of the computer screen, it protects against the absorption of radiation and reduces visual fatigue.

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This self, created after a long research, will become a fundamental accessory of your computer. Applied as a clip to one side of the screen, it ensures that EMFs emitted by the computer you are using do not accumulate in your body providing an effective action against the harmful effects of radiation. Furthermore, this selfic clip reduce visual fatigue caused by prolonged exposure to the screen.

The clip is designed to be suitable for both portable and desktop computer screens, and is made of high-quality materials such as copper, brass, mica and glue, ensuring a sturdy and durable construction.
This clip is easy to use and can be applied without the need for any special tools. It has a slim, lightweight design that doesn’t interfere with the user experience. With this clip, users are not only able to enhance protection from radiation but also have an extra help in maintain a clear vision when using their computer.

This is a personal Selfica and cannot be shared with other persons. If users have more than one computer, they can use it on all of their devices.

The selfic computer clip comes in two models, one for laptops, the other for desktop computers.

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Selfic clip for EMFr protection