Devices for your home, workspace, and car, enhancing the vibrational quality of the space, fostering healthy environments that align with the principles of balance, harmony, and personal resonance.

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    SUNJOY— Energizing Spaces With Light

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    SunJoy is a delicate yet powerful selfic device designed to harness and amplify the frequencies of the sun, effectively spreading this revitalizing energy across a radius of 12 meters. By harnessing light’s natural power, the device acts as a conduit, transforming and distributing this energy throughout the space. This process of transformation and diffusion brings about a noticeable shift in the environment, promoting a more vibrant, harmonious, and energetically balanced setting.

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    ENVIRONMENTAL FLOWGUARDIAN — Energy Antenna For Space Cleansing

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    The Environment FlowGuardian stands as a pioneering device of its kind. Primarily functioning as a selective antenna, it is capable of detecting and channeling stagnant energies out of the space, ensuring a continuous flow.

    Akin to refreshing a room by opening a window for fresh air, this meticulously crafted selfic structure actively circulates and expels stagnant energies to maintain a continuous flow of energy, within designated spaces such as homes or offices.

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    HARMONIC RESONANCE AMPLIFIER — Personalized Environmental Energy Transformer

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    This device transcends mere energy transformation within a space; it intricately harmonizes the environment’s vibrational quality to resonate with the well-being and specific needs of its occupants.
    It is activated so that it can sync with the unique energy signature of one user, personalizing environmental energy, and ensuring the space is not just balanced but also uniquely attuned to the user and all those connected to them.

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    DRIVEGUARDIAN – Enhancing Focus On The Road

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    DriveGuardian is an innovative Selfic device specifically designed to enhance the safety and well-being of drivers by creating a harmonious and protected environment within the car. Recognizing the car as an extension of the home environment, which is equally influenced by psychic emanations and energies, DriveGuardian contributes to keep them flowing, much like an energetic filtration system.
    To function effectively, DriveGuardian must be placed on the car’s dashboard on the driver’s side, with the point facing outwards.

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    Selfic clip for EMFr protection

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    Applied as a clip to one side of the computer screen, it protects against the absorption of radiation and reduces visual fatigue.

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    VERDEVITAL ANTENNA — Selfic Antenna for Potted Plants

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    VerdeVital Selfic Antenna is a way to reconnect potted plants with the natural world, compensating for the disconnect caused by their confinement in pots. It is a blend of natural science and selfic natural approaches to plant care, aiming to create healthier, more vibrant plants by ensuring they have access to the essential energies they would naturally absorb in the wild.

    It is therefore very beneficial for indoor plants, which are often removed from the natural stimuli of outdoor environments and subjected to artificial conditions that can affect their vigor and health.

  • Inner Potential

    Social Harmony Kit – the pleasure of being together || 15% off

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    We have selected for you the Selficas that can help harmonizing communication with ourselves and with others, improving self-esteem, balance of sensitivity and relationships.
    And we cannot forget the main ingredient to create unforgettable moments together: joy!

    Discover the details and take advantage of this special offer!

  • Wearable

    Smart working Kit – work at home || 15% off

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    Smart-working opens us to new possibilities, with this kit you can create a serene working environment and allows the person to reduce the effects of the waves emitted by different computers and devices.

  • Inner Potential

    Nature Kit || 15% off

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    This package contains instruments that facilitate contact with nature, trees and the beings that inhabit it, it also helps your trees to be oriented and your plants to grow vigorously!

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