• Space

    Joy Selfica

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    It spreads the beneficial effects of the vibration of light and sunshine in any environment, in a radius of about twelve meers around it.

    The base of this Space Selfica is hand-cut out of the same precious glass we use for the windows and the domes of the Temples of Humankind. The color of the base may vary over time.

  • Space

    Space Balancer

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    Its design and unique construction promotes the harmonious flow of energy within the space, providing a balanced and welcoming atmosphere.

  • Space

    Selfica for car travel

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    The environment of a car, similarly to that of a home, is influenced by the emotional and mental emanations of the people in it.

    This Self creates a coherent field that increases the driver’s concentration and alertness, reducing the chances of dangerous behavior.

    It must be placed on the dashboard on the driver’s side with its point facing forward.

  • Space

    Space Energizer

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    This is a complex and multifunctional tool for specific indoor environments, such as an office or a home. It combines the functions of the environmental Balancer with those of an environmental charger, and is more powerful.

    The base of this Space Selfica is hand-cut out of the same precious glass we use for the windows and the domes of the Temples of Humankind. Base color may vary.

    To activate this Selfica, we require your birth name and birth date. This information will be used to prepare the frequency tailored to the person who will be using it.

    Please add it on the checkout in the notes

  • Space

    Selfic clip for EMFr protection

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    Applied as a clip to one side of the computer screen, it protects against the absorption of radiation and reduces visual fatigue.

  • Space

    Selfica for the vitality of potted plants

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    Inserted into the compost, it helps the plant grow and remain healthy by facilitiang its absorbtion of vital energy.

  • Inner Potential

    Social Harmony Kit – the pleasure of being together || 15% off

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    We have selected for you the Selficas that can help harmonizing communication with ourselves and with others, improving self-esteem, balance of sensitivity and relationships.
    And we cannot forget the main ingredient to create unforgettable moments together: joy!

    Discover the details and take advantage of this special offer!

  • Inner Potential

    Nature Kit || 15% off

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    This package contains instruments that facilitate contact with nature, trees and the beings that inhabit it, it also helps your trees to be oriented and your plants to grow vigorously!

  • Wearable

    Smart working Kit – work at home || 15% off

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    Smart-working opens us to new possibilities, with this kit you can create a serene working environment and allows the person to reduce the effects of the waves emitted by different computers and devices.

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