• Consciousness High-tech

    Selfic “Slittino”

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    An ideal complement of the Stiloself, the Selfic Slittino can be used in different ways. It can be held on both sides of the structure, and it can be used with or without the gold and silver antennae. When it is passed along the body, the Slittino interweaves the subtle field, repairs the aura and the energetic structures of the body so that the vital energies there contained can last longer. It prepares the body to receive treatments with the Stiloself, by creating energetic lines on the surface that become the preferential flow points for the information transmitted by the Stiloself itself. It is effective to disperse localized pain or, on the contrary, to concentrate energy in a specific point.

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    Special Valentine’s Day – Relationships

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    Enjoy this special promotion on bracelets designed to create harmony and balance in relationships

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    Venus Bundle

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    For Valentine’s Day give the gift of Cheerfulness, Energy and Beauty!

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  • Consciousness High-tech


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    The most versatile and complex structure for personal and group use. Comprising of a selfic part in different metals, including copper and gold – and a sphere containing special alchemical liquid, the Spheroself’s extraordinary capacities can be used in any field for which it is programmed.

    The Spheroself can be activated at different stages of complexity. According to the owner’s needs, the basic model can be enhanced energetically and its variety of functions can be increased.

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  • Consciousness High-tech


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    The Stiloself is an extraordinary healing instrument which can work on the physical and energetic body for mind-body wellness. The result of many years of research, the Stiloself has been used for over two decades by a growing number of therapists and researchers all over the world.

    The Stiloself can also be used for self healing.

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  • Wellbeing

    TOTAL BODY SELFICA: Treatment for Biological Timekeeping

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    Biological realignment treatment using the most sophisticated SELFICA devices currently available at Damanhur.
    Multiple structures are used in combination with each other while the person is lying on a massage table or standing within an oriented space.

  • Experience

    Bundle Selfica Experience 4 session and Stiloself special

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    If you want to access the recordings of the 4 sessions of “Selfica Experience” and the special Stiloself training, here is the offer for you!

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