• Wearable

    Creativity Kit 2 || 15% off

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    This kit supports the free flow expression of creativity, strenghtening insights

  • Inner Potential

    Nature Kit || 15% off

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    This package contains instruments that facilitate contact with nature, trees and the beings that inhabit it, it also helps your trees to be oriented and your plants to grow vigorously!

  • Services

    Unlimited use of body Selfica

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    A special microcircuit can be added on the following selfic tools in order to extend the possibility of their use on an unlimited number of people:

    • Selfic massager for muscular pain
    • Self for the Abdomen
    • Beauty Disks for skin rejuvenation
    • Multisphere

    To activate the service, we require your birth name and birth date. This information will be used to prepare the frequency tailored to the person who owns the device.

    Please add it on the checkout in the notes

    The option is to be purchased together with the product.

  • Body

    Selfica to help relieve menstrual pain

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    It balances the body’s energy in the lower abdominal area, helping in inducing a deep local relaxation that relieves menstrual cramps.

  • Services

    Recharge for beauty disk – 1 year

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    Beauty disk circuit is connected to time…. Can be purchased anytime, recharge can be done remotely

  • Experience

    Selfica Experience Introduction – Recorded

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  • Promo and Bundles

    Prano-Selfica – 6 sessions promotion

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    A special offer to promote well-being.

    Until the equinox (March 21, 2022) you can access a promotion, that you can use within 6 months from the date of purchase:

    6 Pranoself sessions, at distance or in presence at DamanhurCrea, for a special price.

    If you are part of the Vajne Project, enter the coupon code after clicking “add to cart” to access the additional discount.

  • Services

    Recharge for beauty disk – 2 years

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    Beauty disk circuit is connected to time….

    Can be purchased anytime, recharge can be done remotely

  • Consciousness High-tech

    Dowsing Pendulum in gold with micro-circuits

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    This selfic golden pendulum is the result of decades of research. It is very complex instrument, much more efficient and powerful than any traditional pendulum. On the golden body – which through time accumulates in its atomic structure the memory of the experiences of the instrument itself – layers of ink microcircuitry are applied, created specifically for the person that will use the pendulum.

    It establishes a contact with the most sensitive part of the user’s psyche by connecting to their subtle energetic field. It is an instrument to detect and transmit, to receive information from reservoirs of knowledge and information, both within the user and those engraved in space and time. It can also act as a medium with other forms of intelligence. It is connected to the selfic network, and in this way it has its own, ever growing,  reservoir of energy and information.

  • Promo and Bundles

    Special Valentine’s Day – Relationships

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    Enjoy this special promotion on bracelets designed to create harmony and balance in relationships

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