• Body

    Selfic massager for the relief of muscular pain

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    Massage with this selfic instrument alleviates muscular pain of all kinds, tension in the neck, the shoulders and other parts of the body. It is a useful support in the treatment of sciatica, osteoarthritis, arthritis, tendonitis, etc. The aching area is to be massaged gently with the glass sphere, in a counterclockwise motion, for three minutes.

    For use of this Selfic massager with an unlimited number of people, an extra selfic circuitry in alchemical ink must be added.

    If this is what you are looking for, buy the “UNLIMITED USE” option below.

  • Body


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    The Multisphere is a very complex selfic tool, composed of intricate metal circuitry and three small glass spheres containing specially prepared liquids. This device can be programmed to act specifically on the body or on the mind.

    Regarding the **function of the body**, the Multisphere supports on three distinct levels – on the skin, on the tissues, and on the bones.

    Regarding the **function of the mind**, the Multisphere is used to help strengthen memory and increase learning speed.

  • Wearable

    Bracelet for infants

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    A bracelet for children from birth to 6 years of age.  It supports their energy field so that their aura can be strong and healthy.

  • Wearable

    Selfic tool to help with cervical and head aches

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    This is a very effective Selfic tool, and one of the most popular in our wearable series and concentrates its action in the area between the neck and the shoulder blades

  • Wearable

    Bracelet for boys and girls, 7 to 12 years old

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    A bracelet for boys and girls between 7 and 12 years. It supports their energy field, promotes a strong and healthy aura, and helps them grow up harmoniously.

  • Inner Potential

    Creativity Kit 1 || 15% off

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    This kit supports the free flow expression of creativity, strenghtening insights

  • Wearable

    Selfica to support eyesight

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    Made of silver, and ink microcircuitry, this Selfica is designed to interact energetically with the areas of the brain that regulate seeing, facilitating an effective exchange of information and supporting their correct functioning. The main function of this device is to help in the maintenance of the actual strength of the eyesight.

  • Wearable

    Bracelet to counteract shyness

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    This bracelet helps in effective communication and sharing our inner world with ease, counteracting the effects of shyness and inspiring self-confidence in the wearer.

  • Services

    Prana Selfic session at distance

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    Pranoselfica is a treatment that strengthens and harmonizes the energetic aura, conveying pure and undifferentiated energy – thus adaptable to the personal frequency of the recipient. The selfic structures, amplifying many times the energetic value of the application compared to a normal pranotherapy session, modulate the vital energy so it is can interact beneficially with all the different systems of the body. The receiver can also direct this energy with the mind to where they feel they need it most.

  • Inner Potential

    Social Harmony Kit – the pleasure of being together || 15% off

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    We have selected for you the Selficas that can help harmonizing communication with ourselves and with others, improving self-esteem, balance of sensitivity and relationships.
    And we cannot forget the main ingredient to create unforgettable moments together: joy!

    Discover the details and take advantage of this special offer!

  • Inner Potential

    Creativity Kit 2 || 15% off

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    This kit supports the free flow expression of creativity, strenghtening insights

  • Body

    Selfica to help relieve menstrual pain

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    It balances the body’s energy in the lower abdominal area, helping in inducing a deep local relaxation that relieves menstrual cramps.

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