• Inner Potential

    Selfic Triangle for astral travel

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    It is a small pyramid shaped structure. It promotes the integration of the subtle bodies of the wearer, assisting in their conscious separation from the physical body. In this way, it facilitates out-of-body experiences, and ensures that the journey is carried out in absolute safety.

  • Wearable

    Bracelet for physical well-being

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    It acts on the energy field of the person in order to foster physical wellbeing by restoring the balance and harmony of the subtle energy field that surrounds us.

  • Inner Potential

    Dream Selfica

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    This complex and highly specialized Selfica selects useful dreams for the dreamer, and facilitates their understanding. It supports the body’s self healing abilities during sleep.

    It is also a great tool for researchers that want to diminish the distance between the waking and the sleeping states: it helps make dreaming more lucid, and to explore the dreaming dimension as a conscious extension of reality.

  • Wearable

    Bracelet for equilibration of Sensitivity

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    This Selfic bracelet, made of copper, helps to modulate and regulate, that means to expand or control sensitivity for the optimum state of the wearer.

  • Bracelet to help with insomnia

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    This Selfic armlet helps in inducing relaxation and calming energies to prepare us for a good night’s rest.

    To activate this Selfica, we require your birth name and birth date. This information will be used to prepare the frequency tailored to the person who will be using it.

    Please add it on the checkout in the notes

  • Space

    Selfic clip for EMFr protection

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    Applied as a clip to one side of the computer screen, it protects against the absorption of radiation and reduces visual fatigue.

  • Services

    Creativity Bracelet Specialization

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    Please, specify the project or field in which you want your Creativity Bracelet to enhance your inspiration, so that we can add your personalized circuitry in alchemical ink.

    To activate the service, we require your birth name and birth date. This information will be used to prepare the frequency tailored to the person who will be using it.

    This is a one-time only activation.

    This is an extension of the functions, that can be bought only if you have the creativity bracelet.

  • Wearable

    Anti-stress bracelet

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    This bracelet with alchemical liquids helps improve mood, by balancing states of anxiety. It is to be worn in the upper arm for 2 hours a day.



  • Body

    Beauty Disks for skin rejuvenation

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    Two distinct handmade tools, each crafted with Selfic circuitry, that help to promote cellular rejuvenation and skin toning. The tools, made of cherry wood for the face and pear wood for the body, each have a smooth, rounded side that is to be gently moved on the skin in any pattern that you prefer, we like circular – upward movements.

  • Body

    Selfica for the inner organs of the abdomen

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    This complex Selfica with alchemical liquids has a beneficial action on the internal organs of the abdomen: liver, stomach, intestine, pancreas, spleen and kidneys.

  • Space

    Selfica for the vitality of potted plants

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    Inserted into the compost, it helps the plant grow and remain healthy by facilitiang its absorbtion of vital energy.

  • Body

    Wellness Kit || 15% off

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    To help us support the moment we live, strengthening our physical and psychic defenses, promoting night rest

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