• Wearable

    Sleep bracelet

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    It makes sleep deeper so that four or five hours of rest are sufficient to feel recharged. It is also very effective in cases of chronic fatigue and overwork.

  • Inner Potential

    Memory Selfica

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    One of the most popular Selfs, it strengthens memory and can be used for study, in daily life and to reinforce the part of the memory linked to profound spirituality.

    Its structure is similar to the section of the brain that regulates memory.  It is to be carried inside the aura.

  • Wearable

    Aura bracelet

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    It is the simplest selfic bracelet, and carries out a basic function, useful to everybody. It connects to the vital force present in nature and diffuses it inside the wearer’s aura in order to refresh and strengthen the personal energy field, while keeping it “clean” and in flow.

  • Body

    Dietary bracelet

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    It helps overcome unhealthy eating habits and in particular help create a more harmonious relationship the wearer has with diet, thanks to the special bracelet made of copper and brass.

  • Bracelet for the harmony of thought

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    This Selfic bracelet helps transform potential “energetic traces” of negative thoughts and emotions – one’s own and of others – creating a field of constructive interference, made of spirals and circuits and in this way supporting harmonious and positive thoughts.

  • Books

    BOOK: I make things happen (Now available in English!)

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    Selfica, technology for the Third Millennium

    Metal is made of time.
    Its encounter with light ignites the power of making things happen.

  • Inner Potential

    Pendulum for dowsing and to contact the plant world

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    An effective instrument for the research and practice of dowsing. Thanks to its selfic structure, it attunes easily with its user bypassing and filtering out any expectations that may influence the answers.

    A fundamental tool to participate the Tree Orientation Project

  • Wearable

    Bracelet for the immune system

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    It stimulates the immune system and supports the vitality of the organism, strengthening its defenses mainly from the energetic point of view.

  • Space

    Selfica for car travel

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    The environment of a car, similarly to that of a home, is influenced by the emotional and mental emanations of the people in it.

    This Self creates a coherent field that increases the driver’s concentration and alertness, reducing the chances of dangerous behavior.

    It must be placed on the dashboard on the driver’s side with its point facing forward.

  • Wearable

    Bracelet for personality integration

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    This exquisite bracelet, crafted with copper and featuring a choice of glass colours, is designed to facilitate the harmonious manifestation of all the different components or personalities of the wearer’s psyche.
    The function of this bracelet can be reinforced through the conscious inner process of transformation.
    2 sizes

    • small inner diameter 5cm
    • large inner diameter 6-6.5cm
  • Space

    Space Energizer

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    This is a complex and multifunctional tool for specific indoor environments, such as an office or a home. It combines the functions of the environmental Balancer with those of an environmental charger, and is more powerful.

    The base of this Space Selfica is hand-cut out of the same precious glass we use for the windows and the domes of the Temples of Humankind. Base color may vary.

    To activate this Selfica, we require your birth name and birth date. This information will be used to prepare the frequency tailored to the person who will be using it.

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  • Inner Potential

    Penself for automatic writing and channeling

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    It is a complex Selfic structure applied on a pen. It helps ordering and giving shape to ideas, to receive answers in all fields for oneself and others; it facilitates opening to clairvoyance and automatic writing.

    Important note: the models change over time, we send a photograph with the available models when the purchase has been made.

    To activate this Selfica, we require your birth name and birth date. This information will be used to prepare the frequency tailored to the person who will be using it.

    Please add it on the checkout in the notes

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