During the session

During the session sit comfortably in an armchair or lie down. This  maximizes the absorption of energy not only from the primary energy centers along the spine and in the head, but also from the secondary ones situated in the inner parts of the elbows and knees. This optimization enhances the overall treatment experience.

Guiding Energy for Lasting Transformation
Active participation is a crucial aspect of genuine and enduring healing. Therefore, during the session, we encourage you to mentally guide the energy to the specific area where you sense it is most needed. This engagement reinforces the anticipation of a positive outcome, and enhances the effectiveness of the healing process.

Breathe to Heal
To fully immerse yourself in the healing energy of the treatment and harmonize your brain’s hemispheres, adopt a slow breathing rhythm.

The human brain consists of millions of neurons, each producing its own electrical signals. When these signals synchronize, they generate oscillations called brain waves, which can be measured using electroencephalography (EEG). Brain-wave synchronization is thought to precede changes in synapses, the connections between neurons, that are associated with learning and long-term memory formation. Achieving a state of synchronization during the session facilitates the brain’s reconfiguration to integrate new energetic information, promoting a highly coherent state in the body.

Inhale slowly through your nose, filling your lungs to maximum capacity, and then hold them full for a few seconds. Exhale fully through your mouth, then hold your lungs empty for another few seconds. Repeat this cycle until you feel completely relaxed. As you breathe in, you absorb revitalizing energy; as you breathe out, you release disharmonies. You will feel the life force settling into its ideal position within your body’s energy systems.

Schema to prepare to Prana-Selfic session

Schemas are drawings that, run through with your finger or the appropriate pen, by motor reflex stimulate neuronal connections, and connect parts of the brain that normally are not. There are different patterns so as to activate areas of the brain useful for what you are preparing for. 

This schema should be walked through before the session for a minimum of three minutes while remaining silent.

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