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One of our best-selling creations, the Psych-Me-Up Bracelet, integrates three essential functions for psycho-emotional equilibrium: unifying inner voices to foster growth and self-actualization, aligning heart-brain coherence for enhanced stability and clarity, and harmonizing emotionality to cultivate a balanced emotional landscape.

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Geared to the psycho-emotional sphere, this selfic bracelet combines three key functions: Inner Coherence Activator, Heart-Mind Connection and Emotional Equilibrium.

The bead inserted in the bracelet is made of artisan hand made blown glass. It contains a tiny leaf of mica, a crystalline mineral that acts as a memory storage for the selfic program. This concept of memory indicates that this cuff can “learn” specific energetic patterns, which it then replicates for optimum efficacy.

Geared to the psycho-emotional sphere, three key functions are:
1. Inner Coherence Activator: to foster inner dialogue, uniting the diverse facets within you—your complex interplay of desires, ideas, beliefs, and behaviors. Aligning your inner voices toward a shared objective of happiness and fulfilment facilitates the harmonious expression of talents and potentials, creating the ideal conditions for personal expression in a complete, harmonious and balanced way. This function supports you in integrating the different aspects of your psyche—whoa are reflections of your soul—more fully into your being, promoting overall growth and self-actualization. This cuff also aids in synchronizing the three cognitive centers of your body—head, heart, and gut—so that their independent nervous systems may operate in harmony.

2. Heart-Mind Synch: to maintain a physiological coherence mode between the two electromagnetic fields and leverage the more potent field of the heart for pacification, stability and inner strength. The heart’s electromagnetic field is significantly more powerful than that of the brain, extending several feet from the body in all directions. This field can be detected and measured by scientific instruments, providing a window into the state of our emotional and physiological health. When we are in a state of positive emotion, such as love, gratitude, or compassion, the heart’s field becomes more coherent and harmonious, positively affecting our own health and even influencing those around us. Achieving coherence is akin to tuning an orchestra to play harmoniously; it’s about aligning the rhythms of the heart with the functions of the brain to create a state of optimal functioning. This coherence is essential for the efficient operation of the body’s systems, leading to improved health, enhanced emotional stability, and increased mental clarity.

3. Receptivity Balancer: to harmonize emotionality, clearing mental blocks, and promoting a balanced personal alchemy of sensitivity, perception and rationality. This process is not merely about managing or regulating emotions in isolation but about fostering a deeper understanding and synergy between how you feel, think, and perceive the world around you. The ultimate aim of receptivity balancing is not to diminish or amplify perception per se, but to cultivate a flexible and resilient emotional landscape where one can experience the full range of human emotions without being overwhelmed. This balanced state supports healthier relationships, personal growth, and a more fulfilling life. It empowers you to navigate the complexities of your inner emotional world and the external environment with grace, understanding, and self-compassion.

This selfic cuff will attune uniquely to your energy field, and should not be shared to maintain its efficacy and personalized connection. It may even change in shape to perfectly match your distinctive energetic signature.

Please, keep it away from water!

Selfica’s copper bracelets and wearables feature a specialized coating that leaves only a tiny portion of the copper exposed. This selective design maintains the beneficial connection with the body while safeguarding against any potential negative effects of prolonged exposure to copper.

Weight 0,016 kg
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 5 cm

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