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    Selfic Multifunction Bracelet 2, for the harmony of mind and emotions

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    One of our best-selling Selfic bracelets, this powerful combination of three different Selficas provides an effective support for the harmony of thoughts and for psychological wellbeing.

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    Bracelet for creative inspiration

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    This is one of the favorite selfic bracelets of people of all ages, around the world. The function of this bracelet is to tune and harmonize the different psychic parts of the wearer, create an energy funnel for their life force so that there is no dispersion and inspiration can freely emerge.

    It creates an energetic containment of the wearer’s life force, so that there are no dispersions and the talents already present are enhanced and strengthened.

    If you wish to focus the effect of your Creativity Bracelet on a specific project — for instance writing a book or composing songs —, or on a specific talent you wish to enhance —” i.e. cooking, dancing, writing, designing, playing … —, we can add a specific microcircuit to your Bracelet.

  • Inner Potential

    Meditation sphere

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    This is a complex Selfica that has multiple functions.  It helps reach states of deep mediation and relaxation without effort. It can also be used to help find focus and alternative ideas on issues that require multiple points of view.



  • Inner Potential

    Pendulum for dowsing and to contact the plant world

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    An effective instrument for the research and practice of dowsing. Thanks to its selfic structure, it attunes easily with its user bypassing and filtering out any expectations that may influence the answers.

    A fundamental tool to participate the Tree Orientation Project

  • Inner Potential

    Dowsing pendulum

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    One of the most popular tools used in Radioestesy is the pendulum. Made of materials like copper, lead, and cotton thread, pendulums are designed to respond to the user’s intentions and queries. By interpreting the vibrations and subtle movements of the pendulum, you can receive answers to your questions and gain a deeper understanding of your life and the universe.

    Radioestesy is an ancient practice that has been used for centuries to help people connect with their higher selves and gain insights into their lives. Whether you’re looking to improve your health, relationships, or career, Radioestesy can help you tap into the wisdom of the universe to find the answers you seek.

    This pendulum is an effective instrument for the research and practice of dowsing, thanks to its selfic structure which attunes easily with its user, bypassing and filtering out any expectations that may influence the answers. This instrument is constructed with a combination of copper, lead and cotton thread, which when combined, creates an energy field that responds to the user’s intentions and queries. This energy field then allows the user to access knowledge and information that would otherwise be inaccessible. As a result, the user is able to access the wisdom of the universe to answer their questions, providing them with valuable insights.
    Using this pendulum allows the user to connect with their higher self, the part of their being that is in tune with the universe. The vibrations and subtle movements of the pendulum will help the user to interpret the answers they are receiving. With practice, a user can learn to interpret the results they receive and use them to gain insight into their lives. This ancient practice can be a great tool for personal growth and self-discovery.

  • Inner Potential

    Memory Selfica

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    One of the most popular Selfs, it strengthens memory and can be used for study, in daily life and to reinforce the part of the memory linked to profound spirituality.

    Its structure is similar to the section of the brain that regulates memory.  It is to be carried inside the aura.

  • Inner Potential

    Penself for automatic writing and channeling

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    It is a complex Selfic structure applied on a pen. It helps ordering and giving shape to ideas, to receive answers in all fields for oneself and others; it facilitates opening to clairvoyance and automatic writing.

    Important note: the models change over time, we send a photograph with the available models when the purchase has been made.

    To activate this Selfica, we require your birth name and birth date. This information will be used to prepare the frequency tailored to the person who will be using it.

    Please add it on the checkout in the notes

  • Inner Potential

    Selfic Triangle for astral travel

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    It is a small pyramid shaped structure. It promotes the integration of the subtle bodies of the wearer, assisting in their conscious separation from the physical body. In this way, it facilitates out-of-body experiences, and ensures that the journey is carried out in absolute safety.

  • Inner Potential

    Dream Selfica

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    This complex and highly specialized Selfica selects useful dreams for the dreamer, and facilitates their understanding. It supports the body’s self healing abilities during sleep.

    It is also a great tool for researchers that want to diminish the distance between the waking and the sleeping states: it helps make dreaming more lucid, and to explore the dreaming dimension as a conscious extension of reality.

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    Creativity Kit 1 || 15% off

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    This kit supports the free flow expression of creativity, strenghtening insights

  • Inner Potential

    Social Harmony Kit – the pleasure of being together || 15% off

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    We have selected for you the Selficas that can help harmonizing communication with ourselves and with others, improving self-esteem, balance of sensitivity and relationships.
    And we cannot forget the main ingredient to create unforgettable moments together: joy!

    Discover the details and take advantage of this special offer!

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    Creativity Kit 2 || 15% off

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    This kit supports the free flow expression of creativity, strenghtening insights

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