Care of Selfica

All selfic object are prepared to conduct energies that are in tune with their users and have a beneficial effect. They do not need to be cleansed or purified, because any possible energetic dross is constantly transformed and eliminated.

Selfic bracelets can be worn both day and night. Whenever different times of use are needed- for example, for a sleep selfica that is to be worn only at night, or bracelets that are to be used only for a few hours a day – the correct modalities of use are indicated in the description of the selfica on this site.

It is advisable to remove selfic bracelets when taking a shower, a bath or when going for a swim.

Selfic items  remain active indefinitely if they continue to be used.

In case a selfica breaks and is no longer usable, it is recommended to put it in the ground, as if it were a plant. In this way, even if no longer fit for the original user, the selfica will connect to the energies of nature.