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Amplifies Synchronicity; connects to the intelligence of the cosmos; enhances healing power, spiritual practices, work, clarity of mission and personal potential. It tunes objects and substances to personal frequencies. Individual and group uses. Bespoke only.

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    Dowsing Pendulum in gold with micro-circuit

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    Dowsing pendulums have been utilized for centuries, in many civilizations, and are still a widespread tool today. They help the user tap into their subconscious mind, they can help gain valuable insights, leading to more informed choices.

    Dowsing pendulums serve various purposes, such as detecting energy fields, aiding decision-making, enhancing intuition, and even finding water sources or mapping energy patterns of the land, providing insight into the spiritual energies that may be present in a particular area.

    This selfic pendulum, crafted in 18 karats gold with alchemical microcircuitry, is a very complex instrument, much more efficient and powerful than any traditional pendulum. It is the result of decades of research, and greatly transcends its traditional dowsing role.

    Directed by the selfic component, its golden body is able to accumulate the memory of the experiences of the instrument itself, as its atomic structure slowly absorbs the vibrations and energy waves emitted by people, places, thoughts and things. The layers of ink micro-circuitry, created specifically for the person using the pendulum, tune into the unique aura of its user and establishes a connection with their mind and heart. In this way, the pendulum itself learns from each experience and fine-tunes intuition exponentially.

    Please Note:
    While some dowsing experience might be recommended to fully appreciate its extraordinary functions, this selfic pendulum can easily be used by everyone.

    The selfic microcircuitry is created specifically for one user, so it will connect only to their energy field, ensuring its effectiveness and accuracy.

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    Selfic “Slittino”

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    An ideal complement of the Stiloself, the Selfic Slittino can be used in different ways. It can be held on both sides of the structure, and it can be used with or without the gold and silver antennae. When it is passed along the body, the Slittino interweaves the subtle field, repairs the aura and the energetic structures of the body so that the vital energies there contained can last longer. It prepares the body to receive treatments with the Stiloself, by creating energetic lines on the surface that become the preferential flow points for the information transmitted by the Stiloself itself. It is effective to disperse localized pain or, on the contrary, to concentrate energy in a specific point.

    For more info, please contact us

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    The Spheroself, a pinnacle of Selfic technology from Damanhur, embodies over three decades of research. This advanced device, combining metals like copper and gold with a special alchemical liquid in a glass sphere, is designed for both personal and group use. It connects to a global network of similar devices, enhancing energetic and informational exchange akin to natural mycelial networks.

    The Spheroself’s influence extends beyond the metaphysical, generating a protective aura that harmonizes spaces for the well-being of humans, animals, and plants, making it a valuable addition to any living or workspace.

    Moreover, the Spheroself has a profound impact on the dynamics of Synchronicity and manifestation. It can amplify thought power, directing specific events toward desired results.

    Beyond its capacity for external influence, the Spheroself is also a powerful tool for enhancing one’s innate potential, for inner exploration and meditation, deepening connections with the divine essence within.

    This versatile device represents a new era of consciousness and a symbiotic relationship between human and selfic intelligences.

    ENHANCEMENTS– We provide two valuable enhancements for the Spheroself:
    The Chaos Matrix Enhancement – This enhancement ensures that the Spheroself interaction with Synchronicity is even more precise, organized, and targeted.

    The Complex Matrix Enhancement
    – This enhancement further empowers the user’s impact, amplifying their power of intention, thoughts, and actions, in harmony with the “path of less resistance”, and higher complexity.

    We also provide a “Recall” feature, specifically designed for individuals who frequently travel or move between locations. This option facilitates remote access and connectivity to the Spheroself, thereby enhancing ease of mobility

    Unlock the power of SpheroSelf! As a bespoke product tailored to your unique needs, we invite you to contact us for more details about pricing and purchasing.

    Please do read all about it in the full description below.

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    A Pinnacle of Selfic Healing Technology
    The Stiloself is a portable Selfic healing technology, prized for its versatility, effectiveness, and inherent “intelligence.” Constructed from precious metals and intricate microcircuitry using alchemical inks, it integrates ancient wisdom with modern energy science. Designed to address a vast array of physical and energetic imbalances, the Stiloself thrives on dynamic energy and information exchange, tapping into the body’s innate capacities for healing and rejuvenation.

    A Stiloself can be used to heal others with no limitation in numbers. More than just a device for healing others, the Stiloself also excels as a device for self-care. It is useful in both professional therapeutic settings and personal wellness routines, offering individuals a way to engage actively in their healing journeys by maintaining energetic balance and addressing specific areas of discomfort.

    Just as no two individuals are the same, the energetic imbalances they experience are unique to their life circumstances, emotional history, and physical condition.The Stiloself adapts to the unique energetic landscape of each user. It effectively tunes into the body’s network of energy centers (chakras) and pathways (meridians) that regulate health, adjusting its energies to synchronize these systems and tackle the root causes of imbalances. By providing the capability for tailored treatments, Stiloself offers a highly personalized healing experience that respects and responds to the individual needs of each person.
    It can also be used to assist in the healing of animals.

    Important note: Each Stiloself must be linked to a Sferoself, which serves as both the memory bank and entrance door to the selfic network for the Stiloself. If you do not own one, a connection will be made with an already existing spheroself @Damanhur.

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