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  • Wearable

    PSYCH-ME UP BRACELET— MindSync Boost

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    One of our best-selling creations, the Psych-Me-Up Bracelet, integrates three essential functions for psycho-emotional equilibrium: unifying inner voices to foster growth and self-actualization, aligning heart-brain coherence for enhanced stability and clarity, and harmonizing emotionality to cultivate a balanced emotional landscape.

  • Wearable

    INNER COHERENCE CUFF — Fine-Tuning Your Inner Symphony

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    The Selfic InnerCoherence Cuff facilitates deep personal exploration and transformation by summoning and stabilizing specific facets of your psyche for focused connections. Its alchemical nature implies refinement of character traits, achieving balance and unlocking your highest potential, while empowering holistic integration and personal development.

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