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    VITABOOST BRACELET- Well-Being Booster

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    VitaBoost is engineered to enhance physical wellbeing through the balanced modulation of the body’s subtle energy field.
    By reinforcing the body’s subtle energy field, VitaBoost helps shield the body from external stressors and energetic imbalances that can detract from physical health and consequently emotional health.

    Additionally, we provide a bespoke function on the bracelet that includes customized advanced micro-circuitry, tailored to your specific wellness needs.
    To personalize and activate this extra-circuitry specifically on your unique energetic signature, we need your full name at birth (maiden name for women) and birth date. Kindly include these details in the notes section during checkout.

    The cuff will therefore be uniquely attuned to your energy field, and should not be shared to maintain its efficacy and personalized connection.

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