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“This book recounts the experiments of many researchers and enthusiasts of the Selfica as well as those of the author, who has personally partecipated in many experiences. It is a journey into a new dimension where time, space, emotions and memory respond to laws which are very different from those we are used to…”

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In this book, Esperide Ananas tells about her experiences with selfica and introduces many other researchers, both Damanhurians and non, who over time have established a strong relationship with these particular energetic-intelligent structures.

She begins with Falco of course, who is the inspiration for Damonhur, Federation of Communities, and who presented Selfica in the mid-seventies.

These research experiences are often conducted with considerably complex Selfic devices, which are found alongside the selfs for daily use such as those that are available to everyone at the SelEt studio in Damanhur Crea.

A few centuries ago, writing a book like this would have been a shortcut to the stake. Until a few years ago, it would have been a source of ridicule for the author and those sharing their stories, in the name of common sense which – regardless of what you really think – labels experiences related to sensitivity and sensibility as superstitions. However, times have changed, and now it is not so strange to talk about the universe as energy shaped by thought, and experiences at the border of science and spirituality such as those told in this book have space and attention.

Quantum Physics opens perspectives on time and space that are not only mechanistic. Through psycho-neuroendocrinology, medical science attests that positive thinking improves and extends life. Multidisciplinary researchers at the crossroads between science, philosophy and poetry, delineate the pathways for exploration of life.

In this vein, we find selfica, a discipline that departs from a two or three-dimensional physical object- copper bracelets, larger installations, paintings of different sizes – and makes it so that the object can host a purely energetic intelligence that exchanges information with the person who owns it.

In this sense, the selfs and Selfic paintings can be considered living objects that exchange energy with their owners-energy directed toward the wellbeing, equilibrium and regeneration of the person.

Selfica is a research discipline that originates from ancient knowledge recuperated from the depths of time, located on the imaginary library shelves that contain the knowledge of all humanity, and brings this knowledge together with patient experimentation. For nearly forty years, Falco himself carried out this research. Many Damanhurians have helped him, some as the direct creator of various Selfic models, others simply as experimenters who us the selfs in everyday life. As with every Damanhurian discipline, in Selfica, experimentation is always carried out in the field, is done “live” because the idea is not to fill tables with data and numbers-which is impossible in fields based on the direct empathy between a person and the phenomenon -rather, it is to discover each person’s potentials and limitations and then push them a little further. For this reason, this book tells about experiences, humans and selfs.

When the first models of selfs were developed, Damanhurians and friends acquired them in the spirit of using a natural and noninvasive method to increase wellbeing, balance one’s own energies, and strengthen defense against external agents.

Over time, our relationship with the selfs has changed. They continue to shower their benefits on those who use them, but the fundamental experience for many is the creation of a living space that is an extension of themselves and their own awareness. It is a new ecosystem, a natural habitat in which people interact with the selfs that have been around them over the years, from bracelets to jewelry and paintings. In this sense, the research is open and more expansive than ever…


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BOOK: Spirals of Energy