LunarEase – Selfic Harmonizer for Period Pain


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This LunarEase Selfic device helps to ease menstrual cramps by harmonizing energy flow, relaxing uterine muscles, promoting calmness, improving circulation and alleviating pain, while fostering long-term menstrual health through enhanced energetic balance.

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The Selfic device for menstrual cramps is a revolutionary tool designed to offer relief from the discomfort associated with menstrual cycles through the harmonization of the body’s energy, specifically targeting the lower abdominal area.

Menstrual cramps are often the result of spasms in the uterine muscles. The energy concentration generated by the Selfic device works to relax these spasms, effectively reducing cramping and discomfort. This relaxation isn’t limited to the muscles but also extends to the nervous system, promoting an overall sense of calm and easing anxiety or tension that often accompany menstrual pain. promoting a deeper sense of harmony and balance within the body’s energetic system.

At its core, the device focuses on gathering and concentrating energy that seeps deeply into the muscles and tissues of the internal feminine organs, helping to dilate blood vessels, improving circulation and facilitating the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to stressed or spasmodic areas. This is often accompanied by a gentle sensation of warmth.

Beyond providing immediate relief from spasms and pain, LunarEase promotes a deep sense of harmony and balance within the body’s energetic system, while harmonizing the functions of internal feminine organs. By enhancing energy flow and removing energetic blockages, it supports the natural rhythms and processes of the body, contributing to improved menstrual health over time.

LunarEase is contained in a green pouch, to leverage the healing properties of color therapy. Green is associated with harmony, balance, and renewal. It embodies the essence of nature, growth, and healing, making it an ideal choice for a device aimed at easing menstrual discomfort.

Use Only When Needed
Wear LunarEase at the first sign of cramps or discomfort. Early application ensures that the device’s energy-concentrating capabilities can work effectively to prevent the cramps from escalating.

Once the discomfort has subsided, the device should be removed. This practice ensures that the area does not become overstimulated, maintaining the natural balance of the body’s energy systems.

Repeated use of LunarEase in the absence of pain might also condition the targeted area to the device’s energy, possibly reducing its responsiveness and effectiveness when genuine relief is needed. This phenomenon is akin to the principle of diminishing returns, where the more frequently LunarEase is used without actual need, the less impact it may have over time

Consultation if Necessary: If cramps or discomfort persist or are of a severity that significantly impacts daily life, consulting a healthcare provider is recommended.

Weight 0,04 kg
Dimensions 8 × 7 × 1,5 cm


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LunarEase – Selfic Harmonizer for Period Pain
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