Cold Colors

The “cold” colors are those that remind ice, water and sky and therefore all shades of green and blue. Purple, which is formed by red and blue, is part of the cold colors, but some lighter shades sometimes come closer to red than to blue. The same thing happens for the green, which in its lighter shades approaches yellow rather than blue

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    SUNJOY— Energizing Spaces With Light

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    SunJoy is a delicate yet powerful selfic device designed to harness and amplify the frequencies of the sun, effectively spreading this revitalizing energy across a radius of 12 meters. By harnessing light’s natural power, the device acts as a conduit, transforming and distributing this energy throughout the space. This process of transformation and diffusion brings about a noticeable shift in the environment, promoting a more vibrant, harmonious, and energetically balanced setting.

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    ENVIRONMENTAL FLOWGUARDIAN — Energy Antenna For Space Cleansing

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    The Environment FlowGuardian stands as a pioneering device of its kind. Primarily functioning as a selective antenna, it is capable of detecting and channeling stagnant energies out of the space, ensuring a continuous flow.

    Akin to refreshing a room by opening a window for fresh air, this meticulously crafted selfic structure actively circulates and expels stagnant energies to maintain a continuous flow of energy, within designated spaces such as homes or offices.

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    HARMONIC RESONANCE AMPLIFIER — Personalized Environmental Energy Transformer

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    This device transcends mere energy transformation within a space; it intricately harmonizes the environment’s vibrational quality to resonate with the well-being and specific needs of its occupants.
    It is activated so that it can sync with the unique energy signature of one user, personalizing environmental energy, and ensuring the space is not just balanced but also uniquely attuned to the user and all those connected to them.

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