Enjoy the recorded sessions of a magical action
to focus on your inner light
and reinforce a positive line of events for humanity.

4 hours of connection supported by the loving and powerful spiritual energy field of Selfica, 

to balance your chakras, align your subtle energies and take off in an exploration of the energy grid of the Earth.
Reinforce your conscious commitment to support the creation of a positive, safe and coherent timeline.

Amplify your Energy Matrix giving new energy to your subtle wings, tail and solar plexus field;
channel your inner voice to focus on your most profound yearnings;
align your energy centers through breathing techniques;
reinforce the matrix of light and spiritual energies surrounding our planet. 

Do this with us and…

Boost your optimism through the feeling of community, with other humans and with nature
Perceive the frequency of love as one of your soul’s senses
Feel the alignment with refined spiritual energies
Experience your body as a magical instrument
Increase the bubble of protection around you and your home
Feel the connection with the living energy field of the Earth
Be an active agent of change through a collective magical action

In addition to the live session you will receive:

Unlimited access to the recordings
A 10% discount on your purchase of Selfica devices (high technology not included)
50% discount for one remote healing session (prana-selfic energy healing)